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Daugavpils University was founded in 1921, and today is the biggest regional state university in Latvia.

Primarily having been established as an educational institution for teachers, the university continues its pedagogical traditions simultaneously focusing on life sciences, linguistics, social sciences and management. The Faculty of Education and Management, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Music and Arts and the Faculty of Humanities of Daugavpils University offer more than 50 study programmes of all academic levels. Over 2200 students from different countries are currently enrolled at the university.

Nanotechnologies, biological diversity, social research, regional economics, psychology and language studies represent key areas of scientific research of Daugavpils University. Implementing new scientific projects, increasing the number and the quality of scientific publications and ensuring a transfer of research and technology the university develops and enforces its position in the space of science.

Daugavpils University is proud to be a member of European Association for International Education, the European University Association, European Science Events Association, European Union Universities of Small States.

Every year hundreds of well-educated graduates leave the campus. Cosmopolitan and friendly university environment provides a dynamic and student-focused learning process.

Motto of Daugavpils University is Scientia Vinces (Through Knowledge You Win).

Daugavpils University believes to serve as a core promoter of development for society in Daugavpils and the region of Latgale.

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1 Dec 2021